I’m soooo excited about all the things that I’m learning about managing my money & building wealth for the future of my kids.

My Growth

anonymous - 3/6/2023

“My experience online was one of the best! Great customer service.”

Online Experience

Casey - 1/2/2023

What an incredible experience working with Smart Wealth University! Excellent customer service, trained staff and great quality service. Thank you for helping me!

Great University

Tyler - 13/2/2023

Preferred Partners

We Help Businesses Scale By...

Offloading Risk

We help offload credit risk to your business.

Mapping Cash Flow

Our finance analysts help you map your businesses cash flows so you can tell your money where to go.

Guaranteed Business Credit

Helping business owners gain access to guaranteed business credit with no personal attachment in 12 months or less.

Financial Coaching

Our expert credit analysts will provide a blueprint to your businesses credit success.

Removing Personal Guarantees

We help you build credit for the business and remove the need for personal guarantees.


Get a FREE annual valuation to know exactly what your business is worth. ($7,000 value)

Our Proven Business Credit Building System

Smart Wealth University continues to strengthen the small business community by allowing Main St. to build business credit like Wall St.

Free Building Business Credit Checklist

Take Your Business To The Next Level

Private Equity Financing

Equipment Financing

Business Line of Credit

Commercial Real Estate

PO Financing

AR Financing

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