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    My Score

    What Is My Score Based On

    • 35% Payment History
      Payment History: how late, how much owed, and how recent. 60 days late does not have as much impact as 90 days late.
      How recent and frequent count: 60 days late a month ago will have more impact than a 90 day late payment 5 years ago
      Postive payment history: on most of your accounts will increase score!
    • 30% Amounts Owed
      Amounts Owed: when high percentage of a consumer’s credit has been used up, this indicates a consumer may be overextended and more of a credit risk, which affects credit scoring
      Revolving vs. Installment Debt: too much revolving may mean having trouble making future payments
    • 15% Length of Credit Used
      Length of Credit History: the longer established credit history will raise credit score versus history of a short period. Long established accounts show longer history of managing credit wisely
      Age of Credit Accounts: score influenced by age of your oldest account, age of your newest account and average age of all your accounts
    • 10% New Credit
      New Credit: research shows opening several credit accounts in a short time frame does represent greater risk to a lender as
      Several Credit Inquires: people w/6 inquiries or more can be up to 8Xs more likely to declare bankruptcy than those w/no inquiries
    • 10%Types of Credit Used
      Types of Credit: score based on mix of credit cards, retail, finance company accounts, mortgage and installment loans

    Credit Time Line

    • Updated every 30 days
    • Positive Info: Indefinitely
    • Bankruptcies: 7 – 10 years
    • Public Records: 7 years
    • Inquiries: 2 years
    • Inactive/closed: Cycle off

    What Lowers My Score

    • Late Payments
    • Maxed out credit cards (low capacity)
    • Closing Credit Accounts
    • Collection Items
    • More Revolving Debt vs. Installment Debt
    • Bankruptcy
    • New Accounts
    • Several Credit Inquiries
    • Sub Prime Lenders


    My Credit Score

    “Numerical value between 300-850 Number that sums up your credit report and risk to a lender. The higher the credit score, the less risk Less risk = best loan terms and interest rates.

    US Average Credit Breakdown

    1% 499 and below
    5% 500-549
    7% 550-599
    11% 600-649
    16% 650-699
    20% 700-749
    29% 749-799
    11% 800 and above

    What's On My Report

    OFAC, Credit Score Identification: name, address, SSN, birth date, employment. Public Records: bankruptcy, tax liens, garnishments Foreclosures, lawsuits and judgments. Collection Items: unpaid bills turned for collection. Credit History: past credit accounts to most recent, with current balances, monthly payments, payment history, date opened or closed, original loan amount, credit limit. Credit Inquiries: past 24 month period, voluntary and involuntary

    How to Raise or Maintain a Credit Score?

    Making payments on time.
    Removing negative info.
    Paying down/off credit cards (raises capacity).
    Using oldest credit card.
    Open new accounts slowly.
    Correct credit report errors.
    Paid collection items.
    Mortgage, secured loans and installment loans with positive
    payment history.
    Open Credit Lines vs. Credit Card Limits.
    Stable bio.

    Know Your Credit Bureaus

    Company that collects consumer financial info Sells it in the form of credit reports Assigns score based on credit behavior history Maintains lifetime records of millions of consumers’ credit history.


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