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Our Story

In a transformative year of 2018, Smart Wealth University emerged as a visionary force in the financial landscape. Founded by Charisma Carson, a trailblazer dedicated to redefining financial empowerment, our institution stands out as a No Course university offering comprehensive financial education.

Through strategic alliances with diverse industries, including banking, Smart Wealth University serves as a beacon of innovation and progress. Our platform provides unparalleled mentorship and access to industry leaders, creating a vibrant ecosystem for aspiring entrepreneurs. Whether launching careers or achieving retirement goals within four years, our mission is to equip individuals with essential skills for unparalleled success.

Under the dynamic leadership of Charisma Carson, Smart Wealth University revolutionizes the financial realm with innovative solutions in Business Funding, non-personal guarantee business funding, and comprehensive Entrepreneur Evolution entity setup services. Originating in Oklahoma, our vision transcends borders, aiming to instill financial literacy and empowerment on a global scale. Charisma’s personal narrative of triumph over adversity inspired her to unite a coalition of visionaries committed to disrupting the financial industry through entrepreneurial acumen.

Fueled by collaboration and unwavering dedication, Smart Wealth University has gained recognition as a catalytic force driving change. Our digital platform accelerates transformation, complemented by in-person engagements, workshops, and conferences. Join us as a member and access exclusive opportunities to be part of a revolutionary community shaping the wealth creators of tomorrow. Embrace a world where financial empowerment is not only a possibility but an unstoppable force of change.


Upcoming Events

Soar at our Mastermind Retreat & charity Gala on May 17th in Atanta! 

Elevate your success with limited vendor slots.

Mastermind Retreat: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Gala: 6:30 PM to 10:00 PM

Why Smart Wealth?

Our clients experience a transformative journey with Smart Wealth University, receiving comprehensive support for new entrepreneurs. From A-Z business infrastructure setup with a 12-month guidance program to securing capital without personal guarantees, we empower you to overcome financial challenges with confidence. Our personalized approach includes building your financial strength, accessing strategic grants and loans, and receiving expert financial planning and analysis. Join us on a path to balanced and prosperous financial success.


At S&W University, we pride ourselves on building avenues of progress. Our mission is to enable our students and clients to transition from their current circumstances to achieving their financial objectives in the future. We believe that the measure of success in life is not perfection, but the direction one is heading towards.


True wealth, success, and happiness can only be achieved by balancing our business life with the duty we have to our self and to our family.

“Lets build wealth together”


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