Meet our Team

Charisma Carson

Founder & CEO

Treasure of Board

Renowned entrepreneur and financial strategist, Charisma Carson, has established Smart Wealth University to empower individuals towards financial success. Originally from Oklahoma, with a background in Clinical Psychology and now based in Buford, Georgia, she is enthusiastic about expanding financial literacy education. With a track record of winning awards in financial education, Charisma’s passion and innovation propel the mission of Smart Wealth University.

Nisha Vijayan

Chief Operating Officer

Board of Director

Nisha Vijayan is the Chief Operating Officer at Smart Wealth University, bringing a wealth of experience in healthcare, business development, and operations management. With a background in nursing and a US MBA, Nisha’s expertise in marketing, strategic management, and project management drive operational excellence. Known for her leadership, problem-solving skills, and commitment to results, Nisha is dedicated to advancing Smart Wealth University’s mission of financial empowerment and education.

Josephine LALLABAN

Executive Assistant

Josephine LALLABAN, Executive Assistant at Smart Wealth University, brings a wealth of experience in operations management and client service. With a background in broadcasting and a history of optimizing administrative functions, Josephine plays a key role in driving efficiency and effectiveness within the university.

Kalysta Key

Business Solutions Analyst

Kalysta is the newest Business Solutions Analyst at Smart Wealth University. With 8 years of experience as an Executive, she excels in tasks at hand and provides impeccable service, focusing on efficient communication and problem-solving. She thrives on embracing challenges, continuous learning, and growth. Kalysta excels in analyzing and mapping all relevant business processes and IT infrastructure, along with researching rules that impact solution delivery, such as compliance, data governance, or organizational mandates. She is committed to delivering quality work with strong communication skills.

Lyndon Greene

Chair of Smart Wealth University

Is a prominent Commercial Investor based in the Atlanta, GA area. With a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Computer Information, Lyndon is a visionary founder and CEO of PUF (People United Foundation, Inc.), a national 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to cultivating sustainable communities of educated leaders.

Additionally, Lyndon serves as the president of the Atlanta University Center Neighborhood Association and collaborates with Myrna Anderson-Fuller, president of the West End Merchants Coalition, in driving community development initiatives. With a passion for creating positive social impact and fostering leadership, Lyndon’s dynamic leadership at Smart Wealth University paves the way for transformative growth and empowerment.

James Chambers

Board of Directors,
Smart Wealth University

Board Member

James Chambers, a veteran Physician Assistant with diverse experience in medical care and community health, is a dedicated member of Smart Wealth University’s Board of Directors. His military background and commitment to serving underserved communities in Los Angeles and Atlanta demonstrate his passion for fostering positive change. With a focus on quality healthcare delivery and community well-being, James’s leadership and expertise are invaluable assets in guiding the university towards sustainable growth and financial empowerment.

Leonard Jones

Board of Directors,
Smart Wealth University

Board Member

Leonard Jones, CEO and community advocate, is a dedicated member of Smart Wealth University’s Board of Directors and Omega Phi Si fraternity. Originally from Miami and now based in Atlanta, Leonard leads multiple nonprofits focused on aiding veterans, providing medical services, and supporting emergency transportation for those in need. His commitment to community empowerment and service aligns with the university’s mission of financial empowerment and inclusive growth, making Leonard a valuable asset in guiding impactful initiatives for positive change.

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